Life of Swami Venkatesananda

28. A Tribute

The Divine Life Trust Society

Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Venkatesaya

Florence La Fontaine Randall, Ph. D., Indiana USA

Dear brother,

As you may know, I take a heartfelt interest and concern in all the work of your marvellous powerhouse in India, world-renowned, carried on magnifiently by the cooporation of you and your brother workers, guided by the infinite light of our beloved master Sivananda.

Please accept my kindest personal felicitations for your so happy day of the 26th. I know one's birthday means a lot. The older we get, the more we value it, as well as the keener insight into life, both its pains and joys. I myself am almost to the end of my 30's, close to 39. So I know you might be contemplating more deeply the golden years of the 30's, precious, young and energetic.

I also take this opportunity to thank you personally for your fine work which results periodically in the various publications I have had the honour and happiness to receive from time to time.

I am well aware of the glorious genius developed in the hands of Siva. We young people are most fortunate to have the chance to know him thus. Often as I lift my eyes over my office window and gaze across the gentle hills to the east of me, I think what a wonderful thing it is in this modern age, we have young people in India dedicating their lives and education in trying to make the world better and helping the confused humanity, amok in the Western world of far too much money and idle pleasures.

The comparisons of personalities of East and West are as different as the night and day. How little we really know of India and her gorgeous classical appeal and manifestations of religion, philosophy and culture.

I admire your beautiful country and its great thinking leaders like Siva and yourself. Though the hands of time may pass down the valley of a thousand yester-years and tomorrows, one thing is sure - the immortal fingers of India that move its delicate tracery of genius spiritually towards that eternal goal, will never perish or die in power.

As of old so shall it always be in the new. India will ever remain powerful in her classic beauty and immortal philosophies incarnate. Those fortunate enough to embrace the holy grace of thy friendship and goodwill, plus the spiritual teachings have no reason to fall short of th identical idealism of the East and all it stands for.

I wish thee on thy happiest of days now and always the best of good health, the infinite courage and strength to carry on your noble work, and the happiness of living daily as the most coveted vessel of election known to mankind, a true pearl from the strand of Sivananda's love, to wind itself around the troubled world until within its dazzling sphere the lost and the damned will find new hope and eternal peace with God.

God love and bless you forever.

Your sister.