Life of Swami Venkatesananda

10. A Living Manuscript

The Divine Life Trust Society

Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Venkatesaya

Prof. Pushpa Anand, M.A., Dehra Dun

An ardent lover of preserving Gurudev's thoughts of precious pieces of world literature in the form of books of all times, Swami Venkatesananda is the dearest and rarest in the eyes of his Master, with whom be is established in silent communion, once for all.

When Gurudev set on tour all over India, Venkatesananda was flying on wings of agility, vigilance, intelligence, lest any voice of Gurudev's throat should go unheard by his ears. He gave life to his Masters silent actions as well. There is hardly anyone who is not impressed by his intelligent thoughts, which one can see his facial expression in tune with, and which are appearing in his mind from time to time even when he seems to be sitting quiet.

How soothing is his voice. He learns songs quicker than one does in imagination, and surprises all when he sings them modified. Give him an instrument to play upon, he will exhibit his talents by making his fingers compete with strings or notes, whatever they be.

Very consoling is his wit and comforting his humour. He renders grief-struck hearts gay, composes the hard-pressed and enlivens the sad ones. His playful moods and child-like pranks speak out his innocence of mind.

Ever restrained at heart, yet giving free vent to his devotional interests vested in Gurudev, he can certainly be said to be second to none in glory. May he live long.
My salutations at the feet of his Gurudev, and then at his feet, who is today a living manuscript of his Master Sri Swami Sivananda Maharaj.