Life of Swami Venkatesananda

15. The Spiritual Cupid of Siva

The Divine Life Trust Society

Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Venkatesaya

Dr. Ishar Singh, M.B., B.S., Dehra Dun

There is Shivpuri. The Ganges is roaring nearby. Siva lives in Ananda Kutir. See the crowd of Jivas going towards it. They look tired and exhausted, due to their worldly woes and long journey. They want to meet their beloved Siva, but their energy is failing. Their faces are gloomy. Men and women, young and old, are all moving on and on. Lo! At last the gate is within sight. They have stopped to take a little rest.

Ha-Ha-Ha! What is this noise ? This is not the sound of Siva's drum. See that figure standing at the gate of Ananda Kutir. The sound is like a shower of arrows, but no physical arrows are visible. Oho! Now I understand. He is Siva's cupid and is the cause of this sound. See that handsome, healthy, happy, humorous, hopeful, humble, heroic, honeyful youth. His body is bow and his smiles and words are arrows. Lo! He is hurriedly showering tactfully showers of health, humour, hope, humbleness, heroism and honey, on woeful worldly Jivas. See, they are getting energy, life, joy and hope. His arrows have hit at their hearts. See them running towards him. He is handy to all and greets all with open arms and is bewitching all. He has totally ignored their vices and is bringing out every atom of virtues in them. He even puts virtues into them which they have none. Further he magnifies their virtues to the size of infinity and calls them God. So he has removed all negativity from them and given them positive charge and optimism. Jivas look happy and hopeful now. Look, he has captured their hearts and is passing them on to Siva. One by one, he is leading all inside, where they meet Siva.

Again he has returned to the gate. Another crowd of Jivas has come and he has started his operation again. This job he continues. He is clever to hide himself under the name of 'Swami Venkatesananda.' He is a 'must-see' Sanyasin at the gate of Ananda Kutir, before you meet Siva. He is a young rose in the garden of Siva. Glory to the ever smiling active cupid Swami of Siva, for his noble task of uniting Jivas with Siva.