Life of Swami Venkatesananda

24. A Small Tribute to a Great Man

The Divine Life Trust Society

Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Venkatesaya

Dr. Sri L. Mirchandani, Delhi

Those in the know of things affirm that Swami Venkatesananda is of inestimable service to Sri Swami Sivananda in his Jnana Yajna. A peep into his paper-strewn room amply justifies this opinion. Indeed it is no easy task to edit Swamiji's innumerable works, and any one else would have developed a furrowed brow and a sour countenance. Not so Swami Venkatesananda. His ever bright and cheerful face invariably brings to my lips the words 'Samtushtah Satatam Yogi'. Yet it is not the complacent placidity of tamasic origin. At every function of the Ashrama you find him silent and dynamic. I often wondered at this combination of activity and peace till I dubbed him as 'Yatatmavam'.

Those of us who have read his book 'Bhagavad Gita for Students' have a clear picture of him, for the little book portrays his brilliant, dynamic and friendly nature very accurately.

There is no doubt that men like him are bound to make a mark in the spiritual world when their days of apprenticeship in the form of sincere service at the feet of a great sage are over.

May God bless him.