The Supreme Yoga

I. VAIRAGYA PRAKARANAM - Section Dealing with Dispassion


1. The Story of Suka

2. Self-effort

III. UTPATTI PRAKARANAM - Section Dealing with Creation

1. The Story of Lila

2. The Story of Karkati

3. The Story of the Sons of Indu (Ten Young Men)

4. The Story of Ahalya

5. The Story of the Great Forest

6. The Story of the Three Non-existent Princes

7. The Story of Lavana

IV. STHITI PRAKARANAM - Section Dealing with Existence

1. The Story of Sukra

2. The Story of Dama, Vyala and Kata

3. The Story of Bhima, Bhasa and Drdha

4. The Story of Dasura

5. Kaca's Song

V. UPASAMA PRAKARANAM - Section Dealing with Dissolution

1. The Story of King Janaka

2. The Story of Punya and Pavana

3. The Story of Bali

4. The Story of Prahlada

5. The Story of Gadhi

6. The Story of Uddalaka

7. The Story of Suraghu

8. The Story of Bhasa and Vilasa

9. The Story of Vitahavya

VI. NIRVANA PRAKARANAM - Section Dealing with Liberation

1. Description of Brahman - Discourse on Brahman

2. The Story of Bhusunda

3. Description of the Lord

4. Deva-Puja (Worship of God)

5. The Story of the Wood-apple

6. The Story of the Rock (The Nature of Consciousness)

7. The Story of Arjuna

8. The Story of the Hundred Rudri

9. The Story of the Vampire

10. The Story of Bhagiratha

11. The Story of Sikhidhvaja and Cudala

12. The Story of the Philosopher's Stone

13. The Story of the Cintamani

14. The Story of the Foolish Elephant

15. The Story of Kaca

16. The Story of the Deluded Man

17. The Story of Bhrngisa

18. The Story of Iksvaku

19. The World Within the Rock (The Story of Kalaratri)

20. The Story of the Sage From Outer Space

21. The Story of Vipascit

22. The Story of the Hunter and the Deer

23. The Story of Kundadanta

24. The Seven Steps of Wisdom

25. The Seven States of Yoga


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May God bless you all with health, long life, prosperity, and spiritual enlightenment.

May you all walk in the Light of God, with God with your hand in His, with the whole of you in His Palm.

Live in God. Love in God. Serve God in all beings.

May that Supreme Being dwell in your eyes, in your heart, seeing His Own Self in all; seeing God Himself in all.

May we thus swim in the Ocean of Bliss.

May that Peace that passeth all understanding dwell in your heart, radiate from every pore of your skin,

bathing everyone who comes within the circle of your aura with that inexpressible peace.

May harmony radiate from you, dispelling the darkness of disharmony wherever it is found.

May bliss radiate from you, dispelling the gloom of suffering, misery, pain - physical, mental, moral and spiritual.

May God lead us from the Unreal to the Real, from darkness to light, from mortality to immortality.

Assert every moment of your life - I am not the body, I am not this finite, limited mind, I am the Immortal Self.

May you be established in that Self-Realisation right now.

May God bless you all with health, long life, prosperity, and spiritual inlightenment.


Swami Venkatesananda

Om Namah Shivaya - Om Namah Venkatesaya